Conservative – A word bandied about today, the conservative movement is alive and well for many of us in District 34 and South Dakota.  My campaign is focused on defending the fact that government’s role is first to protect its citizens.  Beyond that, government has the tendency to reduce freedoms and constrain opportunity.  Limiting government continues to be the central conflict of our time.  At my core, I believe in a reduced role of government in our lives, which I am convinced leads to fiscal responsibility when balancing the people’s budget in Pierre.

Pro-Business – One of my main themes in running for office is the opportunity to promote South Dakota as being “Open for Business”.  We have worked very hard in South Dakota to get out of the way of economic expansion and make our state an easy place to relocate a company, start a business and create quality jobs.  Giving enterprise a chance to thrive provides a path for a happy and prosperous people.  As we market South Dakota, we also cannot ignore our state motto.  “Good morals” and “Strong Work Ethic” are business idioms for how we raise our families in South Dakota.

Religious Liberty – As a Christian, I think that I have been bullied to change my views from tolerance to acceptance on a number of issues such as the sanctity of human life and homosexuality.  My religion, based on biblical principles, is what allows me to tolerate others and their decisions, but also try and convince them that a loving God provides instruction that differs from their agenda.  This religious freedom is under attack today and I will defend it.

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